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Real Estate Consultants

Mr. Ibrahim Patel is a professional realtor from a hospitality background and has always focused on building and nurturing relationships with clients. His hard-working nature had got him to this path of success. Being a professional realtor he also runs an NGO helping people in all means and adding value to their life.

Ibrahim brings a seasoned perspective to real estate that translates to successfully serving buyers and sellers in Thane. He has a unique blend of






that set him apart in the industry. He has always thought of not selling a property to clients but, analyzing and understanding the actual requirement of our buyer and guiding them to the right product at the right price. Familiar with all levels of building and design from engineering to finished interiors he has a well-deserved reputation in the real estate segment.

He is a passionate professional dedicated to helping clients buy and sell real estate properties with confidence. He loves building relationships with clients. Enjoy working hard, love the people he meets in this field, and is honored to serve with integrity, honesty and hopefully make the whole buying or selling real estate process a little easier.

He has worked with a wide blend of people – from first time home buyers to seasoned sellers and investors.

Whether you’re buying your first home or selling your sixth, he can help you reach your home-owning dreams and goals. 

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