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The housing market in Thane has been extremely tense for some time. In cities, in particular, there is simply not enough living space for the number of people who want to live there. Therefore, people who want to buy or rent a property often have difficulty finding vacant apartments.


Since the supply of real estate is less than the demand, many people play with the idea of ​​buying a building plot on which they can build their family home. A property purchase is particularly worthwhile if you are looking for a secure investment. Rental houses in particular are worthwhile as a real estate investment in residential construction if you have the necessary small change.

There is also an increasing demand for alternatives to the senior center and nursing homes for older people. Therefore, more and more people are interested in so-called assisted living in old age and the senior flatshare is becoming increasingly popular. Senior living will, therefore, continue to be an issue in the future, and more and more people are still looking for the perfect retirement home. The market for commercial real estate is also getting narrower. Because here too, the demand for real estate in a good location is far greater than the supply.



The housing market in Thane is extremely burdened. There is too little living space for too many people. In larger cities, in particular, it is extremely difficult to find affordable apartments or houses for rent. As the owner of a house or apartment to be rented, you might think that it would be easy to find potential tenants with the unimaginably large number of rental requests. But is it really that easy to find reliable, solvent tenants who look after your property and property and don't damage it? Believe it or not, it's not that simple.

Why should you hire a broker if you want to rent your house or apartment?
As simple as this question can be answered, it is as easy to answer the question of whether a professional real estate agent or you as a layperson is more successful in renting out your property. But that's not the only reason to hire a broker. In the following, we would like to explain the advantages that you have by hiring a broker if you want to rent your house or condominium.

Financing real estate in THANE

This is how it works!

In today's world, real estate is considered the best investment without risk. Since there is little or no interest on the saved money, more and more people are investing in real estate. The low-interest rates are again good for the buyers. Because house financing, housing financing or taking out a loan to finance a property will probably never be so cheap again. These low-interest rates also often lead people to decide to reschedule their debt and use a new, cheaper loan to replace an expensive loan. Whether buying a house, buying a building site or buying a condominium, most people need to buy a property real estate loan. So you have to purchase the property through financing, also called construction finance. Financial services providers give those who want to buy a property or a building site various options to apply for a loan. Financial service providers mean banks, insurance companies, and sometimes also government institutions. Depending on the financier, collateral will be requested from you, which is then usually entered in the land registry as a mortgage or mortgage.

The main insurance for property owners

A property is an investment and ensures your existence. 

In order to protect this existence and secure your assets, you should also secure your property and your property. For this reason, it is very important to ensure the property and your furniture as well as possible. In this way, you are not alone in the event of an incident and are compensated for the damage incurred by the insurer.

Real estate as an investment

The best way to invest and retire

Many people are probably now aware that it is becoming increasingly important to take care of private pensions. India's pension system is getting to its knees and the pension gap is getting bigger and bigger. In times of low and even negative interest rates, however, this pension provision is becoming increasingly difficult. The best investment at the moment is the investment in investment properties and investment properties. It is definitely the best investment without risk. The path to financial freedom can be followed in different ways and depends on the group of people concerned. In the following, we explain which investments in real estate are suitable for which group of people as a safe investment.

Real estate advice in Mumbai

Holistic advice as a competitive advantage

There are numerous things to consider when building or renovating a house. A lot can go wrong here. As a layperson, any defects are difficult to spot. But it is also not always easy to estimate the purchase or sale price of a house or apartment, the so-called market value. For this reason, it makes sense to get advice from a professional when buying or building real estate. If you have to finance the property, it is also advisable to consult an independent financial advisor. In the following text, we explain which tasks a real estate expert has and how an independent financial advisor can help you.

Sell ​​condominium in Thane

Save yourself the work and let professionals sell your apartment!

Selling a house or selling an apartment can be very time-consuming. It is even more time-consuming if you want to sell a commercial property or want to sell your property. The effort involved in selling real estate begins with the creation of the sales advertisement. You have to design the real estate ad in such a way that it addresses potential buyers directly. If the advertisement for your property is not designed interesting enough, it will be lost in the flood of real estate offers, which makes it not easier to sell the apartment. You have to be able to design the real estate sales ad in such a way that people who are interested in your real estate advertisements report. However, people for whom your property is not suitable should be aware of this and not report. This will save you a lot of unnecessary work. Countless inquiries about your house sale will thus be omitted and unnecessary viewing appointments of your condominium can be saved.

Another important point is to take professional photos of your property. Regardless of whether you have a house sale, land sale or house for sale. The photos in the real estate advertisement are extremely important. You are, so to speak, the figurehead of your sales property and the following applies here: the first impression counts.

Another real estate sale challenge you'll encounter is property valuation. The fact is, very few owners know the market value of your property and the prices on the local property market. Last but not least, you will ask yourself how you should draw attention to your property sales and find potential builders and property buyers. The selection is very large to find potential buyers for your property or even building plots. You can advertise on a wide variety of real estate portals on the Internet or have your real estate offer printed in the local daily newspaper.
When you have overcome all these first obstacles and created your sales ad for your property, the even more intensive phase begins. You have to answer the countless inquiries from potential property buyers and go on countless visits to your property. All of this can take several weeks, if not months.

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