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We can imagine a lot of scorns coming our way, because come on, who asks someone to ditch the Mumbai life to live in Thane instead? Well, we do. We’re not saying this just to convince you to buy a home there. We’re saying this because while Mumbai is where all things crazy takes place, Thane is where you can access all the good stuff without the crowd and the hustle. Just to make this idea a wee bit more viable, here are 5 reasons Thane should you be your first pick if you’ve wish to upgrade your lifestyle:

1. Access Every Modern Amenity Without Losing Touch With Nature

Sounds like bit of a dream, eh? Well, it’s pretty real. Thane boasts of the gorgeous Upvan Lake and the Yeor Hills. Imagine just opening your window to the wild world outside and sipping on a cup of hot chai with your loved ones. You no longer have to drive hours away from the city to enjoy the beauty of the natural world. You can in fact, be living smack across it! Especially if you pick a prime location like Pokharan Road 2 and are housed in one of most terrific upcoming residential societies, Shapoorji Pallonji.

2. Jazz Up Your Regular Weekends By Heading To The Best Multi-Purpose Malls

Speaking of which, Thane has the Viviana and Korum malls, respectively. Serving as one-stop destinations for everything you need, these also serve as the perfect reason to head out on those super lazy weekends. Housing multiple dining and entertainment options, these malls also host a variety of great brands.

The cherry on the cake is the D-Mart outlet here that’s everyone’s favorite for shopping daily groceries and utilities.

3. Keep Your Health In Check With Some Of The Finest Hospitals In Town

A regular concern for anyone who wants to shifts homes is the accessibility to medical centers. With Thane, that’s absolutely a big tick mark. Two of the finest hospitals, Jupiter and Bethany boast of the latest medical equipment and technology and they’re just a stone’s throw away.

4. Give Your Children Topnotch Education At International Schools 

Another win that living in Thane grants is having your children schooled at top international institutions namely, CP Goenka and Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania. Now, you no longer have to force your children awake at an ungodly hour. Since both of these schools are located nearby, it’s easier to get them dressed and ready at a leisurely pace.

5. Head Out Of The City More, Courtesy Of Great Road Connectivity

Yes, you’re thinking spot on! Those weekend getaways to Lonavala, Pune and Igatpuri are no longer just imaginary plans that never come to life. Living in Thane entitles you to take more vacations thanks to the Eastern Expressway being less than a kilometer away from Pokharan Road 2. Road trips? Yes, please.

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